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Long-term rental

Are you looking for a long-term rental accommodation in the Tatras? In APLEND we are here for you.

We offer long-term rentals from 28 nights and more with individual pricing in all our capacities. You will find a variety of accommodation options with us, whether you prefer the comfort of apartments, studios or chalets.

Benefits for long-term stay:
  • free parking,
  • laundry services,
  • regular room service,
  • apartments with fully equipped kitchen,
  • gift voucher to the APLEND restaurant worth 50€, 
  • discounts to nearby attractions and AquaCity Poprad.


We will be happy to assist you in selecting and booking your long-term accommodation and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Request a no-obligation quote:


Ing. Michaela Stašová | Sales Manager | +421 902 771 747 | michaela.stasova@aplend.com


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