Unique illustrations created especially for Aplend

She illustrated for Apple, CNN, Google, The New York Times or Washington Post. Her name was mentioned with companies such as Converse, Vans or Johnson&Johnson. Today, APLEND prides itself on her illustrations as well!

Martina Pauková - perhaps most famous Slovak illustrator famous all around the world.

Face-to-face with bears

Summer tourist season is in full swing!!! Tourist trails are wide open, each one of us keep an eye on the weather forecast for the mountains, we all pack our backpacks with food and raincoats. Aside from the weather and neglected physical condition after winter, there is one more specter... BEARS! 

Continue reading below an interview with Erik Ševčík. We could describe him as "an adventurer“, a traveler, a hobby photographer. The founder of today's successful company Adventoura introduced us to Bear Watching and confirmed or disproved the myths about this beast, which is widely spread in Slovakia!

The overview of the ski resorts in The High Tatras

We had to wait for a great deal of snow this time, but the time came. The Tatras are covered in snow with the real feeling of the winter atmosphere. By the look from the window, we see the level of snow rising and we cannot wait for the ski resorts to open. Therefore, we prepared for you the overview of closest as well as the most popular ski resorts in The High Tatras.

6 tips for the right T-O-U-R-I-S-T

Going for hiking, but don´t know what to be aware of? What should you have in your backpack and what is the appropiate clothing or food for your hike? Are you the right tourist? Test yourself if you follow these 6 basic recommendations !

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APLEND Blood donation

On Monday 16.04.2018, the 2nd year of APLEND Blood donation took place. 

We would like to thank you all people who helped with us to people who are in need. Together, there were 16 people who donated more than 7 litres of blood together. We appreciate the help of everyone and as a rewards, we prepared for everyone a package full of vitamins. The photos from this year are attached. 

We help those who need it !
APLEND has decided to help 15 families from the "Good Angel" foundation.
Last year we accommodated ten families who were very satisfied with their stays and this year we have decided to increase our help to this organisation. We are looking forward to all their stays, and we are happy that we can help at least this way. 
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