General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

APLEND s.r.o. – hereinafter referred to as ‘APL’

I. Establishment of contractual relations - Parties involved in the contractual relation: 

A:/ APLEND s.r.o., Viliama Žingora 66, 036 01 Martin, renter of suites;
B:/ customer, who may be natural or a legal person.

1. The contractual relation between APL and the customer shall be established on conclusion of a Contract on Accommodation, i.e. by receiving a written Contract on Accommodation, signed by the customer, and its confirmation by APL, as well as by receiving a binding online reservation confirmed by both contracting parties. The Contract on Accommodation shall apply to all other persons mentioned therein. The customer shall be liable for fulfilment of contractual obligations of persons mentioned in the Contract on Accommodation in the same manner as for fulfilment of his own obligations. As for minors, the Contract shall be signed by their legal representatives.

2. The content of the Contract on Accommodation shall be specified according to the catalogue, additional APL offers to customers, confirmed orders, these General Contractual Conditions or Special Conditions attached to the confirmed order.
3. By confirming the Contract on Accommodation, APL undertakes to provide services to the customer in the agreed extent, quality and in compliance with the agreed conditions.

II. Price conditions

1. Prices of tours organized by APL shall represent contractual prices agreed in a written agreement between APL and the customer.

III. Payment conditions

1. APL shall have the right to be paid the price of services ordered so far before they are provided; and the customer shall pay the price of the services before they are provided. 
2. APL shall be entitled to request payment of advance payments on signing the Contract on Accommodation or on confirming an online booking. The amount of advance payments and the time schedule of payments has been agreed as follows: 
A: On establishment of the contractual relation, the customer shall pay an advance payment in the amount of at least 50% of the price of the services ordered so far + total amount of travel insurance, unless agreed otherwise.
B: Not later than 30 days before the start of the tour, customers shall pay the outstanding amount up to the full price of the services ordered so far.
3. Customers shall be entitled to be provided services only after they have paid the contractually agreed price of the services ordered so far. If customer fail to comply with the due date of the price for services ordered so far for any reasons, APL shall be entitled to withdraw from the concluded Contract on Accommodation and request payment of a contractual fine pursuant to the Article VII of these General Contractual Conditions.

IV. Rights and obligations of customers 

1. Basic customers’ rights include: 
A/ right to due provision of contractually agreed and paid services;
B/ right to ask APL for information on all facts related to contractually agreed and paid services;
C/ right to be informed, in contractually agreed or legal periods, on any potential changes in contractually agreed services;
D/ right to withdraw from the Contract, anytime before using the services, pursuant to the Article VII of these General Contractual Conditions;
E/ complain about potential shortcomings and request remedy or compensation. APL shall only receive written complaints. Records on the subject of complaint shall be made when any complaint arises. The record shall be confirmed by an APL representative or by the accommodation facility. If customers do not use any services, they shall ask the receptionist to record it in the voucher. They shall not be entitled to complain without such record. 
2. Basic customers’ obligations include mainly: 
A/ To provide APL with necessary cooperation for due assurance and provision of services, mainly to state true and full data in the Contract on Accommodation, including any changes of this data, and present any other documents (e.g. visa application, photos), as required by APL;
B/ To make sure that persons under 15 are accompanied and supervised by adults, similarly persons whose medical condition requires it;
C/ To announce presence of foreign nationals;
D/ To pay the accommodation price pursuant to the Article III of the General Contractual Conditions;
E/ To inform APL, without any undue delay, about their opinion on potential changes in conditions and content of the agreed services;
F/ To take over from APL any documents necessary for the use of the services;
G/ To act in such a way as to prevent any damage to health or property at the expense of other customers, service suppliers or APL.
3. Other obligations of customers – legal persons, who are parties to the contractual relation, include: 
A/ To make their participants familiar with these General Contractual Conditions as well as with other information which they may receive from APL; mainly to inform them on the extent and quality of the services;
B/ To make sure that all participants fulfil basic obligations of customers which require their personal cooperation, and only an individual participant is able to perform them;
C/ To identify a group leader in the case when an APL guide is not ensured according to an agreement with the partner. This guide shall organize a due provision of suppliers’ services and make sure the programme of services is performed.

V. Rights and obligations of APLEND s.r.o. 

1. Rights and obligations of customers, specified in the Article IV of these General Contractual Conditions, shall be accompanied with corresponding rights and obligations of APL.
2. Before the Contract on Accommodation is concluded, APL shall exactly, clearly, fully and duly inform on all facts which it is aware of and which may have an effect on a decision of a person interested in purchasing a tour.
3. APL shall not be obliged to provide performances to customers beyond the framework of previously confirmed and paid services. 
4. APL shall have the right to withdraw from provision of accommodation without financial remuneration also in the following cases: 
A/ due to force majeure (extreme weather conditions, political events, quarantine, etc.)

VI. Travel insurance 

1. Participants in APL tours do not have insurance included in the price. APL do not provide a travel insurance service. This service has to be ordered, in case of interest, through 3rd party.
2. The insurance relation shall be established directly between the participant and the insurance company. In any proceedings on compensation of an insurance event, the insurance company is in direct relation to the tour participant and APLEND shall not be competent to judge the existence or the amount of claims applied from this relation.

VII. Withdrawal from the Contract, cancellation, changes 

1. If customers withdraw from the Contract due to significant changes in conditions of the Contract on the side of APL, they shall have the right to:

  • • use an alternative tour period, depending on the APLEND’s offer;
  • • be reimbursed for the price of the tour and any services ordered which they have paid until then.

2. Customers shall have the right to cancel their participation, anytime after ordering the tour and related services, under the following conditions:

  • Less than 5 days before the first day of stay  - 50% of the total sum
  • In the case that clients start the tour and cancel it before it ends, the provider shall have the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% from the services ordered.
  • in the case that clients books stay under conditions of Pay Now & Save or NON-REF, the cancellation fee of 100% will be charged whenever after the cancellation of the stay. 
The Contract shall be cancelled on the delivery day of a written announcement or other necessary documents to APLEND, s.r.o.. In the case that clients start the tour and cancel it before it ends, the provider shall have the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% from the services ordered.