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Over the past 12 years of our presence on the market, we have built a name for ourselves as a company primarily in operating accommodation and restaurants in the High Tatras, which, in addition to locals, is also known to many foreign visitors. However, it is not only about accommodation and restaurants, our long-term goal at APLEND is to provide visitors with added value services in our establishments together with the most varied range of experiences in the High Tatras, which they will remember for a long time. 

MYAPLEND - loyalty program

MYAPLEND is a loyalty system, which we want to promote the idea that "APLEND is not just accommodation". MYAPLEND will provide you with special benefits, whether you enjoy your stay with us in APLEND or you come to the Tatras to clear your head from everyday worries. 
MYAPLEND forms a "community" of loyal clients, of which you can be a part. By registering in the MYAPLEND loyalty system you will gain the freedom to use various upcoming discounts and benefits. Freedom in the sense of no binding or conditions! And it's up to you where and what benefits or discounts you take advantage of.
With registration in MYAPLEND you get:
yes discounts for stays in APLEND facilities,
yes 200 entry points to redeem the discount as a bonus,
yes discounted MYAPLEND menu in all APLEND restaurants,
yes discount voucher in the amount of € 5* for APLEND restaurants, which will be provided by the reception upon arrival.
*restaurant voucher will be redeemable for an account with a minimum value of € 30
With MYAPLEND you enjoy discounts on accommodation, attractions and relaxation in the High Tatras. And now you can get even more benefits thanks to points for stays in APLEND - discounts of up to 50% on free stays or nights.
How are points collected?
It's simple, for every 1€ spent on stays in APLEND you get 1 point. That is, if you buy a stay with us through our reservation system or through our reservation department in the value of 850 € - you will see 850 points in your MYAPLEND account. These points will take effect at the time of your arrival. 
How are points spent?
You can spend points after logging in to our reservation system, where when booking stays you have the opportunity to get a discount on your stay, according to availability, up to 50% of the price of the stay. You can also redeem points for specific special offers, such as: for points "buy" +1 night for free with your stay. All current offers can be found in your MYAPLEND profile after logging in.
How long are points valid?
Points are valid on the day of arrival and are valid for 500 days. You can extend this validity with a new purchase or other use of points, which will renew the validity for a new 500 days. 
Where can you see your points balance?
After logging in to your MYAPLEND account, you will see the points balance in your profile.
PS: If you registered before the points were introduced and you have a gift voucher on your MYAPLEND profile for registration, you don't have to worry. All vouchers remain valid according to the date of redemption and we will also charge your first 200 points. 

Actual benefits MYAPLEND

- Kvantarium, Hrebienok - 20% discount on entry,
- Tricklandia, Starý Smokovec - 20% discount on entry,
- Poliankovo, Tatranská Polianka - 20% discount on entry,
- Dobra Hračka, Tatranská Lomnica - 20% discount on entry,
- Tatry vnútri, Starý Smokovec - 20% discount on entry,
- Galéria Tatry Pedal Planet, Nová Polianka - 20% discount on entry,
- AquaCity, Poprad - 15% discount on entry,
- Zapožičanie E-bike od ABL - 10% discount, 
- Túra s horským sprievodcom - 20% discount,
- Nosičstvo v Tatrách - 20% discount,
- Adventure Golf, Veľký Slavkov - 35% discount on entry, 
- Dinopark Tatry, Dolný Smokovec - 10% discount on entry.

Discounts and benefits you can take advantage of in the following  APLEND facilities in the Hihg Tatras :

You can also take advantage of APLENDCiTY in Bratislava :

Register today and enjoy your stay in the High Tatras or Bratislava with MYAPLEND!