All you need to know about Gopass


    The holidays of peace and love and .... skiing are coming!!! We are looking forward to all visitors and skiers. The family skiing can easily change to expensive matter. Moreover, when the ski pass prices change day by day. Do you know where you get the best-fixed prices? Or how to manage if you bought a ticket but the where is not very nice? Listen carefully! Therefore, we prepared for you the overview of all important information in regards to Gopass cards!

What is Gopass card?

The Gopass card works as a ski ticket to ski resorts Štrbské pleso, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica. While you are a „non-skier “, Gopass card can be used as a ticket for cable lifts such as from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso (eventually to Lomnica peak), or from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok. Gopass card is available upon your request at each APLEND reception if you are APLEND guest. Eventually, you can get one at cash desk in a ski resort. Seasonal tickets, ski pass or cable lift tickets are bought based on the date you choose. After your ski holiday is over, you may return the Gopass card or you may register yourself in Gopass system and enjoy the card by your next visit in The High Tatras.

How can I use Gopass card?

Gopass card can be used as a ticket for the cable lifts in The High Tatras, while the price list of the tickets is fixed throughout a whole season. The card can be used as a ski pass, with the choice of the one-day ticket up to 6 days’ ticket. Exactly here it is, you may get to some financial matters. The prices of the ski pass tickets are flexible this year. So that means, the price of the ski ticket which you see today does not have to be the same you see tomorrow. Bear in mind, the evening skiing is not included in this ticket. Gopass ski ticket is not valid for night adventure skiing in The High Tatras. In case, you bought 2 or more days’ ticket, but the weather is not going well, do not worry! Such a ticket can be used as an entrance ticket to Aquacity Poprad / Waterpark Bešeňová or Aquapark Tatralandia.

Where do I buy Gopass for the best price?

As we already mentioned, you can „top up “Gopass at the cash desk of the ski resort but the price can vary day by day. The best prices of the seasonal tickets are at Gopass website. However, if you like to buy a ticket for a particular day, the best option is to buy it in advance. The flexibility of the prices offers the possibility to buy the cheapest ticket too much in advance. Obviously, it can happen that the ticket bought at the same day (the day you like to ski) in the cash desk can be more expensive than the ticket of your friend, who bought a ticket in advance.


What is the difference of Gopass for APLEND guests?

The best news comes last! Did you already book your winter holiday at one of our resorts? In APLEND we strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can get and top up your Gopass at our reception on particular days. It is enough to write us a request at and we take care you have your ski pass ready at your arrival. APLEND belongs to the group of few companies which have fixed prices of ski pass tickets during the whole season. As APLEND guests, we highly recommend to buy your Gopass at our reception, also in case, you would like to buy at the point of arrival. Gopass tickets can be paid by cash or card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners).

If you did not have a chance yet to book your winter holiday, do not wait! Ski in the best ski resorts in The High Tatras and stay in comfortable accommodation with an established brand in apartments rental Nr. 1. We help you with your reservation at +421 904 744 000 or

We are looking forward to your stay at APLEND.